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Are You TUrning Away Benefit Business?

Don’t turn away benefits business – we have a better way! As an EBG partner, you will complete the insurance cycle for your clients and improve overall satisfaction, develop an additional prospect base for your primary lines, and create a new and ongoing profit center.

Crafting a solution

At Employers Benefit Group, we take great pride in what we do. Solutions that are right for your client is our primary objective. We access the very best companies, the most encompassing services, and the most up-to-date products in delivering comprehensive benefit design to your clients.

Ready To Get Started?



Determine A Need

You determine an existing or prospective client (an individual, small employer, large employer, etc.) has a benefits need.


Complete an Agency Referral Form and return it to EBG.


We Take it From There

EBG takes it from there, handling the entire sales process from quote to close, involving you as much or as little as you like, and you share in the commission.

How You're Paid

You share in commissions received by EBG for as long as the policy remains in force and you maintain appropriate licensing. You also share in any commission paid on new lines of business added to an existing account.



After submitting a copy of your appropriate licensing and E&O policy summary, you just need to submit a referral form for each client that you want us to follow up on. Think of EBG as your benefit department. There is no contracting or time lag involved. You can begin to have us working for you immediately.   We will set up your contact and payable information upon receipt of the first referral.   It’s that easy.

Refer A Client


Ultimately, the success of our relationship is built on trust and performance. If we deliver to you the net results of what you’re looking for in a benefits department and your clients are happy, it creates an evergreening effect. You flourish, your clients flourish, we flourish. Our model is unique and it’s over a decade old. We’re not losing relationships…we’re gaining them!


EBG pays out the commission for as long as the business is retained and proper licensing is maintained by the agent/agency. Commissions are paid as earned on a monthly basis.


That’s easy! Just fill out the EBG referral form and we’ll take it from there. The information, including the referring agent info will be recorded electronically so we can keep track of all of our agent’s referred clients.


EBG associates responsible for the referral will keep you as involved as you want to be. Even if the agent doesn’t want to be involved along the way, EBG will maintain communication with the referring agent throughout the process.

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