Compensation Disclosures

A Federal law, Section 202(c) of the No Surprises Act, was recently enacted. This law requires brokers and agents to disclose compensation to plan sponsors.

Our success as an agency is founded in the service that we provide to our clients as their continual resource in the employee benefit arena. We offer a full array of services to the clients we serve and do not charge additional fees beyond those we receive from the insurance carrier. Using the services EBG provides does not cost the client (those who are fully insured and have less than 50 employees*) any more than if they purchased coverage directly from the insurance carrier; our compensation is derived from the rates that the insurance company files with the State.

To review our compensation for your benefit plan(s), please refer to the carrier’s agreement provided below by clicking on the link.

*Fully insured plan sponsors with more than 50 eligible employee and those with self-insured or level-funded plans will receive a separate disclosure statement from our agency