As an independent agency, Employers Benefit Group has access to many insurance companies providing medical, dental, life, disability, vision and travel insurance programs. Policies can differ widely in coverage and cost; our highly trained and dedicated staff will "shop the market" for you to find the best insurance plan and company to meet your needs.

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On-Exchange Subsidies

On-Exchange subsidies are an "advanced credit" against your estimated future tax return? If your income turns out to be different from what you estimate, you could have to pay back some or all of the premium tax credit you received when you file your tax return.

Multiple Networks

Did you know that many insurance carriers can have multiple networks available? Make sure the plan you select has the providers you want.

Annual Enrollment

The annual open enrollment period is November 1 - December 15. Coverage is effective January 1.

Stay Ahead of Taxes

Did you know that you should report any change in income or household size to the Marketplace as soon as possible so your tax credit is adjusted and you don't wind up owing money when you file your
tax return?

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What insurance plans are available?

We provide medical, dental, life, disability, vision and travel.


Federal subsidies in the form of premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions are available to low-income individuals who purchase health insurance through an Exchange. To be eligible for a premium tax credit, you:

  • Must generally have household income for the year between 100 percent and 400 percent of the federal poverty line (FPL) for your family size
  • May not be claimed as a tax dependent of another taxpayer
  • Must file a joint return, if married
  • Must enroll in one or more qualified health plans through an Exchange
  • Cannot be eligible for minimum essential coverage (such as coverage under a government-sponsored program or an eligible employer-sponsored plan)

The amount of the premium tax credit varies based on your household income.

Some individuals who are enrolled in coverage through an Exchange may also be eligible for cost-sharing reductions to help them pay their medical expenses. Only those individuals with household incomes of up to 250 percent of FPL are eligible.

There are several premium subsidy calculators available online that you can use to predict your health care costs, including this one.


Health Insurance Terminology

The world of health insurance has many terms that can be confusing. Understanding your costs and benefits—and estimating the price of a visit to the doctor—becomes much easier once you are able to make sense of the terminology.

We highly recommend you read our Blog Post that goes over these terms!

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